Berendsen Newcastle recently conducted emergency hydraulic repairs to outdated roof support equipment for a prominent longwall mine in the Hunter region.

The Project

Berendsen Newcastle was contracted by a longstanding longwall mining customer to conduct emergency repairs and to modify the design of four outdated 220mm bore support legs to comply with current mining design guidelines and Australian standards. The longwall was in an iron bound state with the shearer trapped under the roof supports. Once repaired, the support legs were going to be used to prevent further damage to the shearer by supporting the canopy tips, a crucial step to recovering the mine’s longwall. Berendsen Newcastle was chosen due to their extensive knowledge and experience with longwall and underground mine hydraulics.

The Solution

The emergency overhaul involved a combination of manufacturing components as well as testing and fitting other new components. This included the following steps:

  1. Berendsen technicians firstly tested the integrity of the obsolete equipment as per the original design.
  2. Hydraulic manifolds and adaptors were then designed and manufactured in-house.
  3. Load-hold valves and anti-intensification components that were supplied by the customer were then fitted to the support legs and bench tested to prove integrity.
  4. The complete manifold design was fitted to the four 220mm bore support legs to OEM specifications.
  5. The equipment was then workshop tested to specifications.

Berendsen also supplied the customer with change management documentation to support entry to the site.

The repairs to the roof support equipment was handled by Berendsen Newcastle’s Engineering & Design team and Workshop Technicians whom were able to turnaround the repairs within 24 hours. At the completion of the repair, the four 220mm bore support legs were compliant with current mine guidelines and Australian standards and were able to be used immediately in the process of recovering the mine’s longwall. The customer was very satisfied with the service and appreciative of Berendsen Newcastle’s prompt assistance and efforts in fast-tracking the equipment overhaul.

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