Our customer, a leader in Australian raw sugar exports, engaged Berendsen Fluid Power to assist in the design and manufacture of two 4.8 tonne luffing cylinders to replace the current cylinders on their ship loader at Bundaberg Port. The ship loader is used to transfer sugar and other products onto ships.

Berendsen has a strong relationship with the customer, having worked with them on various cylinder repairs and other hydraulic projects for over 20 years.

The Design and Manufacture

The design and manufacture of the two 4.8 tonne, 6.8m stroke luffing cylinders was undertaken in-house by our engineering & design team and manufacturing facility in Newcastle.

The design was developed utilising the latest 3D modelling software, Solid Edge, and was largely based on an original drawing of the existing cylinder. Modifications were incorporated into the design by our Engineering and Design team. Considerations and modifications include:

  • Additional isolation features were added to enable safe and efficient servicing of the cylinder, as well as to reduce the risk of oil spills during service work. This was critical as the cylinder is located on a jetty.
  • The pressure control and load-holding features on the cylinder were updated with modern hydraulic valves.
  • Due to the sheer size of the cylinder, a significant challenge was the fact that material for the cylinder barrel is not readily available in the required length. However by leveraging our heard-earned experience in the design and manufacture of large cylinders Berendsen was able to manufacture a custom barrel for the project.
  • An additional consideration was the length of the barrel and rod tubes, given they were over 7 metres long. Not many workshops are able to handle and machine parts this large but we were able to competently do so.

Installation and Commissioning

The removal and re-installation of cylinders of this size into a port location presents significant safety and environmental hazards and Berendsen Fluid Power Bundaberg branch was engaged to assist with the installation which included:

1. Safely removing the existing boom luffing cylinders

  • Disconnecting hydraulic hoses from the existing boom cylinders
  • Removing 1 ½″ cylinder hoses, fitting 2″ x 1 ½″ HP ball valves
  • Attaching 6m x 1″ hoses to the cylinders and tying the other end into an oil containment pod
  • Isolating the balance line between the two boom cylinders

2. Draining and cleaning the hydraulic oil supply reservoir and refilling with new fluid:

  • Removing the two breathers and lid to inspect covers
  • Mopping out oil from inside of the tank
  • Replacing bolts and lid covers
  • Supplying and fitting new vent breathers
  • Draining suction lines and ensuring the environmentally friendly disposal of oil and contaminated rags

3. Fitting, bleeding and positioning the new luffing cylinders:

  • Supplying and connecting an auxiliary hydraulic power pack to power the cylinders
  • Starting-up the power pack and bleeding air from the cylinders whilst filling the cylinders with filtered new oil
  • Raising cylinders one at a time into pin position with the auxiliary hydraulic power supply

Ongoing Service Work

The power packs operating the boom require regular servicing to ensure that the equipment continues to operate efficiently and to minimise the risk of component failure and downtime. Services including oil sampling, filter change out, oil service and routine hose replacement are provided by Berendsen Fluid Power in accordance with sound maintenance practices.


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