Heavy Duty Roundline Cylinders

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Berendsen Fluid Power Heavy Duty Roundline Cylinders are the first choice for a well engineered, heavy duty hydraulic cylinder for diverse mobile and industrial applications. Designed with the aid of computer generated calculations and drawings, the cylinders are manufactured in our dedicated manufacturing facility in Newcastle.


  • Designed to ISO 6020/1-1981 international Standards for mounting dimensions.
  • The cylinder barrel is manufactured from high strength grade SAE 1026 DOM tube. The bore is precision honed and polished to a 0.4 micron finish.
  • The cylinder end cap and mounting trunnion or clevis are welded to the Australian Standard AS4041 “Pressure Pipe Welding Code” with full adherence to qualified procedures and post weld ultrasonic examination.
  • The piston rods are machined from high strength carbon steel and hard chrome plates and ground to a 0.2 micron finish.
  • A threaded gland facilitates assembly and disassembly and is torqued to preset limits. It houses a heavy duty rod wiper to protect against contaminant ingress. It also houses a single acting rod seal and provides an extended bearing surface for longer life.
  • The piston is tightened to a preset torque and scotch keyed for additional security. It houses a double acting piston seal with integral non metallic wear rings to prevent metal to metal contact.
  • All cylinders are available upon request with progressive, fixed cushioning at either end complete with fast return check valves.
  • Standard ports are BSPP with machined spot faces for face sealed fittings.
  • A full Range of rod end clevises are available.


  • Bore Sizes: 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 160mm, 200mm with two rod sizes available for each bore size.
  • Operating Pressure: The cylinders are designed to operate at 250 Bar nominal, 350 Bar peak pressures with the exception of MF1 and MF2 mounts. Please refer to the pressure limitation table for these latter two mounts.
  • Rod and Clevis: A full range of rod end clevises is offered which includes spherical bearing options as well as male and female plain clevises. Mounting
  • Dimensions: Maintained all critical mounting dimensions to provide commonality between cylinders. However, the standard range featured in our Cylinder Manufacturing catalogue are shorter in overall length than the standard in order to have a more compact and economical design. Please note that we are able to offer a cylinder fully conforming to the standard upon request.