Nordon Cylinders

Nordon Cylinders has been operating successfully for over 40 years with a strong commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction

“Our Vision is to be Australia’s First Choice for Hydraulic Cylinder Solutions”

Nordon Cylinders is a brand that is Australian design and made. Based in Brisbane they have developed their own comprehensive range of standard agricultural cylinders (NA). This series is based on their preceding years of industry experience and extensive research and development within this cylinder standard.

In addition to their standard range, Nordon Cylinders also manufacture custom hydraulic cylinders as part of their Industrial range (NI). They have a full design team that can review your application data and make recommendations for a potential design.

Nordon’s capability for custom cylinder designs cover 1.5” diameter piston bore up to 12” diameter piston bore & strokes covering 10mm up to 7 metres. A variety of mounting options including: trunnion, flange, clevises are also available to suit your mounting requirements.

A large range of our Nordon Cylinders products are available for purchase below through our online shop. If you are after a Nordon Cylinder product that is not shown below, please feel free to contact us on 1800 660 249 or email us at for more information, pricing and availability.