Danfoss Char-Lynn®

Danfoss Char-Lynn® are well-known for their quality and performing, cost-effective hydraulic products, widely used in a broad range of industrial and consumer vehicles and equipment.. Since 1970 they has been delivering quality steering controls, general purpose motors, including spool valves motors, disc valves motors, and other high-performance motors.

Berendsen is pleased to offer a range of Danfoss Char-Lynn® reliable spool and disc valve motors, in displacements ranging from the 8.2 cc/rev of the compact J Series, all the way up to the 985 cc/rev of the 6,000 Series. Various mounting and configuration options are available, as well as a range of seal kits.

A large range of our Danfoss Char-Lynn® products are available for purchase below through our online shop. If you are after an Danfoss Char-Lynn® product that is not shown below, please call us on 1800 660 249 or email us at shop@berendsen.com.au for more information, pricing and availability.