Restore 100% performance and regain 100% confidence in your cylinders with our hydraulic cylinder repair services

Many hydraulic cylinders at work in Australia today endure a torturous life under extreme conditions. While it is possible to quickly return a cylinder to basic working order after a component failure, a superficial repair is usually temporary. Specialised equipment and an understanding of the complex forces, tolerances and materials involved is required to restore the original performance and reliability of the unit. With no shortage of expertise and ongoing investment in specialist equipment on hand, Berendsen Fluid Power delivers quality, repairs on all hydraulic cylinders.

A trusted hydraulic cylinder repairer

Equipped for large and specialist cylinder rebuildsIn-house component design and manufacture
Custom designed seals manufactured for any applicationReliability engineering through sophisticated software simulation
Fast turnaround with on-site welding and machiningChrome plating and surface engineering

Our nation-wide network of comprehensive machining and reconditioning facilities ensure performance is returned to your cylinders.

Our In-house cylinder repair capabilities

Berendsen customers demand cylinder repairs that last. Our workshops are well equipped with facilities that include:

  • Accommodating cylinders up to 12,000mm length and 600mm bore
  • Nut tensioning up to 90,000nM and 20 tonne pull apart force
  • Extensive testing facilities compatible with mineral oils and solcenic fluids
  • Chromic acid baths up to 3,800mm solution depth
  • Cylindrical grinding and linishing up to 4,000mm length x 600mm diameter
  • Exhaustive range of manual and CNC machines for turning, honing, milling, boring and drilling operations, including:
    – Turning up to 8,000mm length and 1,000mm diameter
    – Honing up to 8,000mm length and 650mm diameter
    – Milling up to 1,800mm x 600mm x 750mm
    – Boring up to 3,000mm deep and 600mm diameter
    – Deep hole drilling up to 3,000mm deep and 150mm diameter

Cylinder Repairs – A Closer Look

Our cylinder repair process ensures Berendsen is trusted by Australian industry. Explore our end-to-end repair process in more detail by clicking the link below.