AM1 Mill Cylinders

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Archer AM1 Series ISO mill type cylinders from Berendsen Fluid Power are the first choice for a well engineered, heavy duty hydraulic cylinder for a variety of industrial applications. They are designed with the aid of computer by our Technical Services Group, and manufactured in our custom built cylinder manufacturing facility in Newcastle.


  • Manufactured to ISO 6022-1981 “Mounting Dimensions for 250 Bar Single Rod Cylinders” standards as specified by the Steel industry.
  • The cylinder barrel is manufactured from high strength ST52 cold drawn seamless steel tube and hollow bar grade 750v. The bore is precision honed and polished to a micro finish.
  • Both the gland and piston incorporate bronze impregnated Teflon wear rings to eliminate metal to metal contact and provide maximum bearing durability and strength.
  • Both the gland and pistons use the latest technology in dynamic, self-adjusting seals, all designed to fit into ISO 5597-1990 housing dimensions.
  • The piston rods are machined from high strength carbon alloy steel and hard chrome plated and ground to a micro-finish.
  • The gland arrangement incorporates a heavy duty piston rod scraper to ISO 6195-1986 housing dimensions to prevent contamination from entering the cylinder.
  • Cylinder bolts are high tensile grade 12.9 Unbrako socket head cap screws carefully tightened to the required torque for maximum strength and fatigue rating.
  • We also offer a range of spherical bearing piston rod eyes to ISO 6982-1982
  • All cylinders come standard with fully integrated, cartridge type cushion arrangements for smooth cylinder deceleration which also include an air bleed/pressure test point at each end.


  • Bore Sizes: Two additional non ISO standard bore sizes of 140 and 180mm have been added to supplement the range and bridge the gap between selected ISO sizes. We have also incorporated a non ISO standard foot mount option to maximize the options available to the user. Wide range of bore sizes available: 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 250mm, 320mm, 400mm, 500mm
  • Ports: Standard ports are BSP Parallel up to 200 bore and SAE code 62 flange connections for up to 500 bore. We are able to offer other port configurations on request.
  • Rod and Clevis: A full range of rod end clevises are available and include bearing options as well as male and female plain clevises.