CETOP 3 Manual Control and Pneumatic Piloted Control Valves

Vickers by Danfoss

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CETOP 3 Manual Control Valves

Part Number Model Code Weight Schematic
02-127342 DG17V-3-2A-60 1.8 Cetop3_ManControl_1
02-127343 DG17V-3-2C-60 1.8 Cetop3_ManControl_2
02-127344 DG17V-3-2N-60 1.8 Cetop3_ManControl_3
02-135316 DG17V-3-6C-60 1.8 Cetop3_ManControl_4
02-135673 DG17V-3-6N-60 1.8 Cetop3_ManControl_5

CETOP 3 Pneumatic Piloted Control Valves

Part Number Model Code Weight (kg) Schematic
02-145116 DG18V-3-2A-B-60 1.2 Cetop3_Pilot_2
02-149005 DG18V-3-6C-B-60 1.5 Cetop3_Pilot_4

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  • 02-135673

    Brand: Vickers by Danfoss
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