Filtration System Design & Manufacture

Having produced filtration systems for over 25 years, Berendsen understands the demanding nature of the coal mining industry and has a reputation for providing high quality custom solutions.

Monorail filtration systems are purpose built to provide inline filtration facilities and a controlled dissipation point for fluid passing through hydraulic lines.

We are highly skilled in providing both high pressure monorail filtration systems and water service monorail filtration systems to meet any requirement.

Our custom designed filtration systems utilise minimal space to cater for the environment whilst also providing ease of access for system hose connections, maintenance and filter element replacement.

Each system is designed with a 420 bar rating and a minimum 2.5:1 Factor of Safety (FoS).

Individual filter isolation is provided to allow for safe pressure dissipation and filter element replacement during normal system operation. This isolation provides a safe dissipation facility when monorail hose disconnection is required whilst preventing unnecessary costly downtime.

Each system is manufactured in accordance with our ISO 9000 accredited works procedures that are based on hard-earned experience. Every system is assessed in our testing facilities according to design specifications, and a test certificate is issued with each build, affording you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your new filtration system has passed Berendsen’s strictest quality standards.

Our experienced team at Berendsen understand the legislative requirements our coal mining customers face with the introduction of new or upgraded equipment onto their sites. To further enhance our reputation as a quality service provider, we ensure all the appropriate documentation is supplied to assist with change management requirements.

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