Berendsen Fluid Power performs hydraulic overhauls to road header tunnelling equipment in support of Sydney’s tunnelling upgrade projects. 

Case Study: Hydraulic Overhauls To Mitsui Miike Tunnelling Machines.


As the New South Wales government leads ambitious infrastructure projects in Sydney, including The Western Harbour Tunnel, New M6, Sydney Metro West and The Warringah Freeway Upgrade, the demand for high-quality hydraulic maintenance solutions has never been greater. 

The relentless pace of these projects takes a toll on the fleet of tunnelling machines at work, which are subjected to extreme wear and tear as they operate 24/7 in harsh underground environments. To keep these “road header” tunnelling machines on schedule, maintenance routines are demanding – including their complex 

hydraulic systems, which must be overhauled periodically. 

That’s where Berendsen Fluid Power steps in. With its multifaceted hydraulic service offering, Berendsen is well-suited to the task. The company’s extensive in-house repair capabilities, including hard chrome plating, provide precise control over quality and rapid turnaround times. This, along with Berendsen’s responsive on-site support delivered via fully-equipped mobile service vehicles, ensures Sydney’s tunnelling projects keep pushing ahead. 


The hydraulic systems found on tunnelling machines are vast and intricate, boasting 13 cylinders of various sizes, 10 pumps and motors including fixed and variable displacement, and up to 68 control valves from a range of manufacturers. Berendsen tackles this complexity with a systematic

 approach – employing a cutting-edge, fully-digital repair management system called “FrontRunner” to meticulously document, track, and oversee every repair phase. This cloud-based system has been purpose-designed by Berendsen to ensure adherence to repair procedures and offers customers complete visibility into the repair lineage, providing quality assurance and reliability of repair.

Comprehensive Inspection: Berendsen’s expert team of trained technicians disassembles and inspects all components, collecting extensive measurements using tablet computers. Repair requirements are precisely documented for efficient scheduling.

Efficient Repair Process: Berendsen’s repair capabilities enable the restoration of virtually any component. This includes material reclamation and machining of worn parts, bringing them back to manufacturer specifications. The company’s in-house hard chrome plating operation, one of the largest and most advanced in the country, expedites resurfacing of components like hydraulic cylinder rods, further reducing turnaround time.

Rigorous Testing: After reassembly, each component undergoes rigorous testing using ISO-approved and calibrated hydraulic test rigs. Every detail is logged and recorded, ensuring customers have full visibility into the quality of the repair.

Work Completed:

To date, Berendsen Fluid Power’s Wetherill branch has executed hydraulic overhauls for 23 roadheader machines, encompassing:

  • 299 hydraulic cylinders, meticulously disassembled, evaluated, refurbished, reassembled, and tested.
  • 230 pumps and motors, undergoing a similar, meticulous process.
  • 1,564 valves, either refurbished to peak condition or replaced when necessary.


On-Site Service & Maintenance:

In addition, Berendsen’s mobile service units are on call to provide support whenever needed. These units are equipped with specialised tools and diagnostic equipment, along with hydraulic hose, fluid and replacement parts sourced from our vast stockholding of major brands. Our fully trained and qualified technicians are experienced in the troubleshooting of hydraulic system problems and can perform everything from challenging on-site repairs to routine maintenance tasks. 


As Sydney continues the relentless push to meet its infrastructure goals, Berendsen’s in-house services and streamlined repair procedures contribute to reducing downtime and keeping up with gruelling maintenance schedules. Delivering time-critical hydraulic overhauls to keep the city’s progress moving ahead.