Berendsen Fluid Power overhauls 13 tonne Luffing Cylinder for Newcastle coal terminal

The Customer

The customer is a leading Coal Miner located at the Port of Newcastle

Job Specifications

Repair an underperforming 13 tonne luffing cylinder utilised in the customer’s reclaimer which transfers up to 2,500 tonnes of coal per hour

Why Berendsen?

  • Berendsen has a strong relationship with the customer, having worked with them on various cylinder repairs and other projects for over 15 years
  • The customer knew they could rely on Berendsen’s proven track record, fully equipped workshop and technical know-how to safely repair large cylinders
  • Berendsen’s Newcastle branch is one of the few workshops in Australia that is equipped to safely manage the repair of a cylinder this size, entirely in-house


  • The cylinder was disassembled in our workshop utilising our heavy overhead cranes and special purpose disassembly equipment
  • The condition of the cylinder was thoroughly assessed. Critical component tolerances, bore concentricity, rod straightness, crack detection, surface finish both the internal bore and the cylinder rod were all reviewed as part of the assessment
  • Both the Relief Valves and the Pressure Transducers were remote bench tested to verify functionality

In order to return the cylinder to its original condition the following operations were undertaken:

  • The barrel was honed
  • The barrel clevis eye was reclaimed
  • The ceramic rod coating was diamond polished to remove imperfections
  • The accumulator was replaced
  • The pilot operated check valves and relief valves were replaced
  • A new seal kit was supplied and fitted
  • External pipework was replaced
  • Threads on the piston end of the rod and piston retainer were repaired
  • Corrosion protection tape and coating was applied to exposed components. The cylinders were primed, painted, packaged and finished to customer requirements in our in-house paint shop

Project Challenges

  • The cylinder was found to have significant wear and required extensive repairs in order to return it to optimal performance
  • The sheer size of the cylinder would be a significant obstacle to most cylinder repairers, however Berendsen Newcastle is equipped to handle repair projects of this size

Project Outcome

  • The luffing cylinder was delivered to the client and it was successfully commissioned and integrated into the reclaimer
  • Our ISO 9001-2000 quality certification, ensured our hydraulic cylinder repairs and testing adhered strictly to quality assurance measures

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