Berendsen Sydney – The Leading Authority in Sydney Hydraulics

Berendsen Fluid Power Sydney has over 25 years’ experience in cylinder repairhydraulic component repair and field service for industries including mobile plant and equipment, agriculture, mining, construction, hire and lifting industries.

Their outstanding capabilities include services such as:

  • Component strip and assessment
  • Precision hydraulic repairs in a hydraulic machine shop
  • Assembly and stringent quality testing
  • Painting and finishing

Berendsen’s Sydney branch, located in Wetherill Park was purpose built in 2004 with a modern 2000m² hydraulic workshop. The workshop is fully equipped to deliver precision hydraulic repairs and maintenance on all types of hydraulic systems and components.

Berendsen Sydney’s workshop capabilities include:

  • Three stripping and assembly benches
  • Four lathes with up to 1000mm swing and 5000mm in length to custom manufacture parts including barrels, rods and pistons
  • A honing machine, capable of honing diameters up to 450mm and 7500mm in length, reclaims the inside of the bore to OEM specifications
  • Horizontal cylinder locking/unlocking bench with a torque capacity to 4000Nm.
  • Nutcracker
  • Test rigs – The largest test apparatus is part of an integrated system that can test open and closed loop systems under varying speeds from 10 to 2300 rpm and input power of 110kW. The system has an integral ‘dynamic braking’ motor load testing unit capable of replicating the demands of field applications
  • Testing facilities for pumps (75kW, 400 Bar), cylinders (200, 350 & 700 BAR, Mineral Oil), valves (350 & 700 Bar) and oil sample particle count capabilities.
  • Sandblasting and Spray Booth facilities, with 8200l/sec of filtered airflow expelled to ambient via twin exhaust ducts, ensures an appropriate corrosion resistant and beautiful finish on all serviced components.
  • MIG and TIF welding capabilities
  • 5 tonne crane capacity.
  • Fully enclosed and licensed wash bay designed to cater for our customer’s hydraulic repair and service requirements.

Visit Berendsen for Expert Hydraulic Repairs in Sydney

Can’t get your equipment to us?

Then we can come to you. Our Sydney branch has a fleet of hydraulic service vans that are fully equipped to deliver field service and hydraulic repairs to your hydraulic system and equipment on site. With flow meters, data loggers and pipe bending capacity, our service vehicles are designed to deliver outstanding repair and services direct to your location. Our fleet of fully equipped hydraulic field service vehicles and experienced technicians that are on standby with the tools and spare parts to rectify the common problems in your hydraulic system.

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Address:1-4 Denoci Close Wetherill Park, NSW 2164
Phone:1800 706 369
Fax:(02) 9765 8800

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