Modern hydraulic machine control systems offer significant improvements over the systems of the past. Danfoss Plus+1, with its programmable microcontrollers, presents numerous benefits that not only make modernising your equipment an easy choice but also a highly intelligent one. 

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the reasons why Berendsen’s engineers appreciate the power and flexibility of the Danfoss Plus+1 system.  


Take your hydraulic system into the future: Download Berendsen’s Roadmap to Modernisation



The inherent flexibility of the Danfoss Plus+1 platform empowers engineers to be creative and design innovative machine control strategies. This system’s modularity is a standout feature; microcontrollers can be arranged and programmed to execute an infinite variety of actions. Additionally, there is a wide range of options for displays, computer inputs, joysticks, and more, providing engineers with a rich palette of choices to tailor solutions to specific needs.  



Danfoss Plus+1 has served as the backbone of the mobile machinery industry for many years, and its reputation for robustness and dependability is well-deserved. Unlike systems relying on delicate motherboards or sensitive connectors susceptible to dust or moisture damage, Danfoss Plus+1 thrives in challenging environments. This resilience makes it the ideal choice for applications in mining, agriculture, industrial settings, and other extreme conditions.  



Gone are the days of needing bulky enclosures filled with an array of switches, relays, and hoses. Plus+1 simplifies machine control efficiently, minimising the physical footprint required within the system. With Plus+1, you can streamline your setup, tucking it away neatly without compromising on functionality. This simplicity not only reduces clutter but also makes maintenance and troubleshooting more straightforward.  


Conclusion: The Surprisingly Smooth Path to Modernisation: 

In summary, Danfoss Plus+1’s modular, flexible, and scalable platform opens up possibilities to achieve more with less. It enables the development of sophisticated and creative control solutions at a significantly lower cost than previously thought. 

With all these advantages, it’s no wonder that Berendsen’s world-class engineering division has a deep appreciation for the Danfoss Plus+1 control platform when it comes to upgrading hydraulic machine control systems. It simplifies and economises the process of replacing outdated systems with modern, reliable, and user-friendly machinery, thereby increasing work efficiency and reducing frustration. It represents a potent technological solution that offers incredible opportunities for improvement across various applications.

Take your hydraulic system into the future: Download Berendsen’s Roadmap to Modernisation