PARO Software

Berendsen has a commitment to providing quality, cost-effective hydraulic design solutions for its customers.

In addition to our standard range of design software, Berendsen utilises the PARO Software & Engineering program for the design and production of manifolds to produce accurate results, saving time and money.

PARO contains two modules, Hydrosym and Hydroman. Hydrosym allows us to create manifold schematics whilst Hydroman specifically assists with the design of the manifold. Hydroman has the ability to import a Hydrosym manifold schematic and convert it into a physical manifold design.

Use of PARO allows us to efficiently design manifolds by offering an intuitive graphical interface showing colour coded galleries. It also calculates wall thicknesses, intersection areas and has a large manifold component library.

The use of PARO software is therefore essential to our manifold design and manufacturing capability, enabling us to design both complex and simple manifolds faster and therefore saving the customer money. PARO also generates the complete range of information required for manifold production and assembly design.