If you believe that it is too costly and difficult to take advantage of the most modern hydraulic machine control systems, this article may change your perspective. 

While it was once true that upgrading archaic hydraulic systems involved a lengthy and risky redesign process, today’s electronically-integrated systems have come a long way. Far from being out of reach, thanks to the Danfoss Plus+1 platform, modernisation can be relatively swift and surprisingly more cost-efficient than you think. 


Through the benefits of this powerful system Berendsen’s world class engineering team has the ability to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and reliability of your hydraulic systems. In this article, we’ll explore how  Danfoss Plus+1 platform together with Berendsen’s capabilities and expertise, make the process far smoother than you might imagine. 


Future-Proof Your Operation: Download Berendsen’s Roadmap To Modernisation

Reason 1: Hydraulic control systems have changed

Once, hydraulic systems were controlled by arrangements of custom-designed switches and relays that were complicated, often inefficient and usually hard to modify or upgrade. However, recent advancements in technology have led to the integration of programmable electronics, which can be configured in infinite ways in order to achieve any design concept possible. This allows skilled engineers greater freedom to be creative and design elegant control systems for anything from custom drilling rigs, to specialised agricultural tools, or the high precision cutting machines used in manufacturing or anything else that needs customised control. 

Reason 2: New machine control systems make upgrading more affordable 

The Danfoss Plus+1 system, featuring a modular microprocessor architecture, greatly simplifies and streamlines the integration with contemporary hydraulic components. This advancement significantly reduces the expense of upgrading current machinery. Engineers are now freed from the necessity of designing everything from the ground up. They can instead construct using the Plus+1 guide software, customizing the system to meet specific requirements. This innovation paves the way for a wide range of machines to gain enhanced control capabilities without incurring high design costs.      

Reason 3: Berendsen’s end-to-end design & manufacturing 

Berendsen’s extensive internal resources facilitate a seamless transition from initial concept through to design and production. With a track record of numerous high-profile projects, our top-tier hydraulic engineering team is a testament to our expertise. In our specialised manufacturing facility, skilled technicians collaborate closely with our engineers. This synergy enables us to create all necessary components and assemble systems through a comprehensive process, guaranteeing a final product of superior quality.

Now might be the best time to consider upgrading to the most modern hydraulic machine control systems 

As a tier 1 distributor of Danfoss products, Berendsen’s warehouse is fully-stocked with all necessary components to bring any design to life. From the microcontrollers that are the brains of the system to the complex proportional valve groups that can be assembled in endless configurations, we have what is needed to make any system possible. 

Your operation couldn’t run without highly specialised and hard-working hydraulic equipment, but this equipment is only as efficient and productive as the system controlling it. If your business is hampered by ancient, creaking hard-to-operate equipment, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

As a leader in hydraulic engineering and custom system design, with a state of the art manufacturing division, Berendsen has what it takes to bring your operation up to date. Improving efficiency, productivity and worker happiness all in one.


Future-Proof Your Operation: Download Berendsen’s Roadmap To Modernisation