Berendsen Perth continues its quest to satisfy the needs of WA’s resurgent mining industry with powerful new Cylinder Repair Bench

Berendsen Perth has recently invested in a special purpose cylinder repair bench to meet the needs of Western Australia’s resurgent mining industry.

The impressive 15 metre machine sets new benchmarks for accuracy, efficiency and safety, and is the first of its kind in Australia. The most obstinate nuts are no match for the nut-cracker, which makes disassembly an effortless procedure in the hands of our skilled operators.

Accommodating cylinders up to 7,000mm length the stripping bench can develop over 65,000 Nm of nut tensioning torque and over 7 tonne pull apart force. In addition, the bench has a comprehensive range of heavy duty assembly tooling and it is equipped with smart on-board electronics to administer programmed test cycles up to 300 bar, with test data recorded and available for download.

As the demands of WA’s industry continue to grow Berendsen Perth continues to add capabilities to support operations of every scale, and keep our customers operating at peak performance. Earlier this year our Perth branch invested in a new state of the art, digital Sunnen HTA 4100 NC horizontal tube honing system, and we look forward to unveiling our new Pump Test Bench in the near future.

Watch in the clip below how our powerhouse stripping bench makes light work of an EX2600 boom cylinder:

Berendsen specialise in repairing cylinders for the following industries:

  • Open Cut Mining: Heavy Mobile Equipment and Mineral Processing
  • Longwall Mining: Longwall Equipment and Development Equipment
  • Manufacturing: Stationary Plant and Equipment
  • Civil Construction: Mobile Equipment
  • Recycling: Scrap Metal Processing Equipment

Call us on 1800 660 249 to discuss how Berendsen can solve your cylinder service requirements or visit our Cylinder Repair and Service page for more information.