FEA Software

Berendsen is committed to providing both quality products and superior service to all of our customers at a competitive price.

Our comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software package allows our Engineering and Design team to service our customers’ needs on a whole new level.

FEA software allows for in-depth analysis of all designs with two main objectives; the first is to verify each design to ensure an adequate factor of safety has been built into the proposal, and the second is to reduce any unnecessary material usage, ensuring a more cost effective result.

With respect to the first objective, in today’s complex and safety orientated environment, it is often a requirement that all designs implemented are holistically understood. FEA software enables the design to be scrutinised under different loading conditions to illustrate the level of deflection and to identify areas of stress concentration. To complement this ability, a comprehensive report can be provided as a formal record to show compliance of the design.

As with all business areas, cost reduction is a key area of interest. As the FEA software allows for the identification of areas of deflection and stress concentration, a complementary benefit is the ability to identify where material can be reduced without degrading the integrity of the design. This ability to reduce material usage translates directly into overall project monetary savings.