Selecting the right hydraulic cylinder for the application

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In this hydraulic selection guide, we’ll point out the different factors you need to consider in order to select the right hydraulic cylinder for any specific application.

hydraulic cylinder is a linear actuator engineered to create either a pushing or pulling force in a straight line. It ….Read More

Berendsen Adelaide invests in new state-of-the-art machinery and office renovations

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To meet the changing needs of our customers, we have recently invested in a range of new workshop machinery and equipment that will allow us to repair cylinders, pumps and motors in the most cost effective & efficient means possible. This means we are now capable of doing more work in-house, ….Read More

The Process of Cylinder Repair and Servicing

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Cylinders are essential pieces of hydraulic engineering equipment and if a cylinder fails, it can impact your entire business. Keeping cylinders regularly serviced and maintained can improve their lifespan and keep them working at the optimum level. If something does go wrong and you need a repair, ….Read More

What Loss Of Efficiency Tells You About Hydraulic Pump And Motor Wear

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While it’s not usually possible to see inside a hydraulic pump and motor assembly and observe the wear taking place, there is one surefire clue that makes it possible to know if these important components are on their way out. Declining efficiency is a sign of leakage and/or increased internal friction, which is why keeping an eye on the efficiency of your pumps is a good way to monitor the health of your equipment. In this article, we’ll explore two aspects of  hydraulic pump and motor efficiency and what they can tell you about what’s going on inside. Allowing you to repair and replace worn units in time to avoid costly failures.
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A New Powerful Radial Piston Motor, Built To Go The Distance

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Danfoss Power Solution’s new Hydre-MAC low speed, high torque direct drive, radial piston motor has raised the bar in terms of power, performance and reliability.

The new heavyweight champion features a cam lobe design enabling variable speed applications that use less energy to deliver more power when needed. ….Read More

How to Prolong the Life of Your Hoses

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Nothing lasts forever and hydraulic hoses are no exception. Unfortunately a hose failure can be expensive and can cause extensive damage to your system through loss of hydraulic fluid, contamination, and cavitation damage requiring significant hydraulic repairs and associated downtime. A damaged ….Read More

Why Should I Replace My Filter Element?

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Your hydraulic system is an expensive piece of machinery and your business probably relies heavily on it, so you want to keep it working as smoothly as possible. Regular maintenance of your system is essential if you want to keep everything in good working order and reduce the risk of costly ….Read More

The Importance of Properly Sealing your Hydraulic Equipment

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Do you want to get the best out of your hydraulic equipment? It is important to ensure that everything runs smoothly if you want to keep your system working well, and avoid an expensive repair bill. There are a number of issues that can cause problems in hydraulic systems, and faulty seals are one ….Read More

Berendsen Sydney Gets a Facelift!

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Throughout August 2014 Berendsen’s Sydney branch has undergone some cosmetic upgrades including:

  • A revamped reception area
  • New carpet
  • Freshly painted walls
  • Intense pressure cleaning of external walls

The branch staff were great in adjusting to the challenging work conditions ….Read More

The Benefits of 3D Modelling

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When it comes to designing and engineering hydraulic systems, precision is everything. Recent technological developments have seen an increase in the use of 3D modelling to design systems and parts for a range of uses, including design, architecture, medical equipment and hydraulic engineering. ….Read More

New Product Brochure

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We are excited to release the first edition of our Product Brochure, featuring an extensive range of products we are able to source from some of the world’s most recognisable hydraulic brands.

In addition to featuring external brands, the brochure also includes an overview of ….Read More

Berendsen is proud to support the Joint Strike Fighter Program

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Berendsen Fluid Power is thrilled to see the first F-35s to make public debut at the Avalon Air Show in Victoria today.

Berendsen’s involvement in the Joint Strike Fighter program dates back to 2005, in the form of design and manufacture of hydraulic components for American Manufacturer ….Read More

Berendsen Machining Capabilities – Watch Our Video

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For a quick glimpse of some of our machining capabilities, watch our machining video below.

Berendsen are able to machine a virtually unlimited range of components for small one off jobs to large repeat orders.

Products and components we are able to machine includes flanges, adaptors, drive ….Read More

Berendsen Continues to Invest in Machining Capabilities

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Berendsen’s Newcastle Branch has recently made a significant investment in their Machining capabilities with the purchase of an Okuma Multus CNC Multi-Tasking Machine. The purchase of this machine further cements Berendsen Newcastle’s position as a premier machine shop in NSW.

The Okuma ….Read More

Video Case Study: Drill Rig Overhaul by our Wollongong Branch

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Berendsen Wollongong recently overhauled an underground gas drainage drill for a long standing mining customer in the Illawarra. This is a job not many hydraulic suppliers can undertake as it requires a high level of expertise in hydraulic trouble shooting, engineering and practical, hands-on ….Read More

Common Hydraulic System Errors

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Hydraulic system mistakes and oversights occur all the time. Without proper education and understanding of fluid power concepts, hydraulics is quite easy to get wrong. Being able to observe and learn from mistakes and omissions that hydraulic users make when designing and maintaining their equipment ….Read More

How to minimise hydraulic cylinder failure

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Hydraulic cylinders are essential pieces of hydraulic engineering equipment. They are considered as common as pumps and motors combined, so if a hydraulic cylinder fails it can impact your entire operation. Minimising cylinder failure within hydraulic systems is important to avoid unnecessary ….Read More


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If you believe that it is too costly and difficult to take advantage of the most modern hydraulic machine control systems, this article may change your perspective. 

While it was once true that upgrading archaic hydraulic systems involved a lengthy and risky redesign process, today’s electronically-integrated systems have come a long way. Far from being out of reach, thanks to the Danfoss Plus+1 platform, modernisation can be relatively swift and surprisingly more cost-efficient than you think. 

….Read More

Signs Your Hydraulic System May Be Due For An Upgrade With Danfoss Plus+1

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Have you ever found yourself using the same smartphone model for three or four generations, only to be surprised by the significant leap in performance when you finally upgrade? You may have believed the old model was just fine, but once you experience that bright screen and those crisp graphics, you realise that all those gradual improvements over time have made a massive difference.

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Berendsen’s hydraulic expertise keeps Sydney’s tunnelling ambitions on schedule.

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Berendsen Fluid Power performs hydraulic overhauls to road header tunnelling equipment in support of Sydney’s tunnelling upgrade projects. 

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Watch our Manifold Manufacturing Video

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Want to learn more about Berendsen’s manifold manufacturing facility and processes? Check out our manifold manufacturing video below.

Manifold Manufacture Video

Berendsen Fluid Power is a leading manufacturer of custom and standard CETOP Manifolds.
We have a world ….Read More

When to replace your hydraulic pump

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A Hydraulic pump operating in ideal conditions can last a very long time. However, it is not always possible to maintain ideal conditions in your hydraulic system and sooner or later, your pump will require repair or replacement. But how do you know when that time has come?

If your Hydraulic pump ….Read More


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Modern hydraulic machine control systems offer significant improvements over the systems of the past. Danfoss Plus+1, with its programmable microcontrollers, presents numerous benefits that not only make modernising your equipment an easy choice but also a highly intelligent one. 

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the reasons why Berendsen’s engineers appreciate the power and flexibility of the Danfoss Plus+1 system.  

….Read More

THW Standard Hydraulic Power Units Now Available

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Berendsen Fluid Power we are proud to distribute a new standard range of THW Hydraulic Power Units.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the THW range of Power Units are designed to power hydraulic actuators, including cylinders and motors, and were designed with the aim of creating a cost ….Read More

How to prevent hydraulic oil leaks

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Leakage in hydraulic systems can quickly get out of hand and the consequences are usually expensive, but can also be hazardous to personnel and the environment. Thankfully, most external leakages can be prevented through proper design, assembly, operation and maintenance of your hydraulic system. ….Read More

New Machining Services Division

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Berendsen is proud to announce the addition of a Machining Services division to the business. This new division, named Berendsen Machining Services, is operating out of our ISO certified 3200sqm site in Newcastle, NSW.

Berendsen Machining Services specialises in machining components from small one ….Read More

Visit us at AIMEX

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Berendsen’s Newcastle and Wollongong branches will be exhibiting at this year’s Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) to be held at Sydney Showground from the 1st to the 4th of September 2015.

Attracting over 12,000 visitors each year, AIMEX offers an opportunity ….Read More

The Importance of Picking the Right Hydraulic Valves

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Every hydraulic system is comprised of many different parts and if your system is going to function properly, they all need to be able to work together. If one component is not quite right it can affect the entire system’s performance and can cause all sorts of issues. ….Read More

Hydraulic System Maintenance Tips

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Regardless of the size or complexity of a Hydraulic system, the simplest maintenance tasks can have a huge effect on the performance and lifetime of your system. By following a few hydraulic system maintenance tips, you can protect your system from damage, ensure longevity and optimum performance ….Read More