Electric Motor to SAE-A 2 Bolt Mount – Motor Half Coupling

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Ordering Guide

The ordering guide below provides technical specifications to assist you with your selection. When you are ready to order, simply scroll down to the 'Place your Order' section below the Ordering Guide or click on a part number in the Ordering Guide table.

Electric Motor (hp/kW)4 Pole Frame SizeBell Housing Part NumberElectric Motor Shaft Size (mm)Motor Half Coupling Part NumberPump Shaft TypePump Half Part NumberSpider Part Number
2 / 1.590LBS12A224LC65M133/4"LC65P06LC65S
5.5 / 4.0100LBS14A228LC86M143/4"LC86P06LC86S
5.5 / 4.0112LBS14A228LC86M143/4"LC86P06LC86S
13.4 / 10.0132LBS16A238LC86M163/4"LC86P06LC86S
20.0 / 15.0160-42LC108M173/4"-LC108S
30.0 / 22.5180-42LC108M183/4"-LC108S
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